Front-end Developer & Wordpress Specialist.
I'm in love with HTML5, PHP, TypeScript, Angular and Ionic.

Expertise —

  • Wordpress Development
  • Web & App UI/UX
  • Front-end Development
  • DevOps
  • Mobile App development

Technologies —

  • HTML5, LESS, CSS3, jQuery
  • Javascript, AngularJS
  • PHP, MYSQL, NGINX, Linux
  • Bootstrap, Timber, Twig
  • Ionic Framework

Values —

Always fascinated by programming and new technologies. I really like being updated about new APIs, frameworks and programming languages for my projects.

Curriculum —

2017 — present
Ernst & Young,
Front-end & Back-end Developer

2015 — mid 2017
2mlab srl | Tecla Group,
Front-end Developer & Wordpress specialist

2011 — present,
Co-founder, front-end & back-end developer & DevOps

2010 — 2012
Teknologica Srl,
Internship in front-end and back-end development

Education —

2013 — 2015
Alma Mater Studiorum,
Computer science

IPSCT Ivo Oliveti,
Technical Business Management

Experience —

Hello I'm Alex, I'm a front end developer and I'm specialized in the creation and management of static and dynamic web sites. I love computer science in all its aspects since I was a child and I love to inform myself and fill me in on all the news that this beautiful world offers every day. I have excellent knowledge and extensive experience in the creation of portals and websites based on WordPress and also in their speeding. I have web design experience in the field with the ability to create minimalist and avant-garde design, through the use of Adobe Photoshop and subsequent coding in HTML, LESS and PHP. I have also experience in server management and configuration with an excellent knowledge of both Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The programming languages ​I know are: HTML, LESS, PHP, JavaScript, Markdown, Java, MYSQL, SQL, C, Assembly, and I have finally a great experience using frameworks such as jQuery, AngularJS, Ionic Framework, Bootstrap, Twig, Timber.

Contact me —

For general questions, hire, or to just say hello.

Social —

You can find me on

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